Maike Koch

Maike Koch
Maike Koch

I teach... Alexander Technique: consciously embodied and being free in movement - replacing automatic reaction patterns with freedom in movement

I do this because... the Alexander Technique wants to be applied and I love movement. And because it makes me happy to help other people to be able to release patterns of movement, thought and behavior that make them tight and thereby experience a new quality of movement.

I pay particular attention to... what people bring with them. Spatial awareness and presence for their own body in space.

The song always gets me moving... "cheers" by Anderson Paak, "1999" Prince, "freedom" Jo Batiste

Particularly influenced me... Julyen Hamilton (GB), Maya Caroll (IL), Penelope Easten, (IRL), Carsten Möller (Copenhagen)

The best place... to become fully present, to experience embodiment, to sort myself out, to find mobility, is in nature. In the forest, on the beach, in a wild meadow...

A key moment for me was... when I got to know and love dance improvisation on an intensive course at the SNDO in Amsterdam in 2005 and kept thinking that this is the Alexander Technique: the moment when I stop judging, am in motion - or at rest - and keep experiencing something new.

I would like to pass on to my course participants... to keep opening their focus beyond their own (movement) horizon. To be surprised by the possibilities that arise when you recognize your own reaction patterns and don't follow them for the time being.

I look forward to this every year... to new encounters, being in nature, dancing, exchanging ideas with colleagues.


Maike Koch lives with her family in Wustermark.
"During my dance training and also while playing the cello, the Alexander Technique was like a compass for me to transform tension into flexibility. It is an inexhaustible tool that helps me to recognize when I am physically and/or mentally tight - and how to find my way out of it."
After her dance training, Maike completed her training as an Alexander Technique teacher with Dan Armon in Berlin in 2008. In addition to numerous further training courses, she completed the Advanced Teacher Training with Penelope Easten (IRL) in 2022 and is currently researching the combination of Alexander Technique and fitness. Since 2008 Maike has been working in independent practice in Berlin and Werder, online and in person, and since 2012 she has been running Studio Simio in Berlin. www.simio-berlin.de Another source of inspiration is Shamatha Meditation. Maike is currently taking part in Karuna Training, a further training course in contemplative psychology.




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