Anna Buchenau

Anna Buchenau
Anna Buchenau

I teach...trapeze for kids on Monday
I teach trapeze... because I love to move myself and want to pass on this joy.
I pay particular attention to... create a space in which all participants can train at their own pace, away from competition and pressure to perform.
...that the fun and joy of doing things together is not neglected.
The song always gets me moving - Dancing with Myself by Generation X
I was particularly influenced by...the great circus people I was allowed to meet, who infected me with their joy of performing and set me on the path of inspiring people for movement with the help of the numerous circus disciplines.
For me, the best place to practise trapeze is... in the circus tent under the stars
I would like to pass on to my course participants... the joy of movement, of experimenting and that, as with all learning processes, it can be exhausting, and that courage, patience, perseverance and mindfulness are also part of a training course.
I look forward to it every year... when spring arrives
when the swifts fly around the houses again and bring summer with them
when autumn arrives with its bright colors
when winter brings cold, clear air ...
And to the wonderful encounters, experiences and challenges of teaching throughout the year.


Anna Buchenau is a circus educator (BAG), alternative practitioner and wilderness educator. She teaches children, teenagers and young adults in various circus disciplines (juggling, acrobatics, running ball, vertical scarf, trapeze) at the Montelino Children's and Youth Circus, the Morgenstern Werder Circus and is a lecturer at the Clara Hoffbauer University of Applied Sciences in the "Movement Education and Dance in Social Work" course.


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