Gaya Dandara

Gaya Dandara
Gaya Dandara

I teach... Afro dance.

I do Afro dance because... I can activate a lot of energy and learn more about my own roots.

I pay special attention to... the connection of all senses.

This always gets me moving... Drum music.

As a teacher, I was particularly influenced in my development by... Germaine Acogny.

The best place to dance Afro dance for me is... barefoot on the ground.

A key moment in dancing for me was... my education in different countries of Africa.

To my course participants, I would like to pass on... the possibility to discover yourself as a source of energy.

I look forward to this every year... on a lot of movement!

Gaya Dandara is a Brazilian dancer, choreographer, and teacher from Belo Horizonte. She completed her training in classical and contemporary dance at the Grupo Corpo dance school (Brazil). Gaya Dandara studied theatre pedagogy at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Afterward, she specialized in traditional and contemporary African dances at the dance school "École des Sables" and studied with choreographer and dance teacher Germaine Acogny in Senegal.