WS 09: From Graham into Floating Body

with Chiang-Mei Wang (TW/D)  

20 – 23 May 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020

From Graham into Floating Body is a combination of Chiang-Mei Wang's years of experience with the Graham technique and Tai-Chi Dao-Yin. Control of the center of the body serves as the basis of the Graham technique. Spiral movements play an important role in both techniques. In Graham, however, the contrast between tension and relaxation is the main focus. With Tai-Chi Dao-Yin, on the other hand, the flow of our inner energy is in focus. Floating Body is a voyage of discovery to natural dance movements that arise from the body's center.

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70 €, red. 60 €
Early Bird (by 29 April 2020): 60 €, red. 50 €