Wrapped in Movement

with deufert&plischke (D)  

18 – 22 May 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Intensive Workshop

While we continue to think about new and different formats of encounter and dance, we are happy to offer you a workshop from 18 - 22.05.2020: Wrapped in movement with deufert&plischke.

Clothing can tell stories, awaken memories and evoke emotions. This workshop is for everyone who wants to explore clothing in relation to body and dance. Various objects, materials and pieces will be created, danced with and the somatic experiences will be discussed. What effect does clothing have on the creation of movement and the presence of a person? A lively exchange weaves itself between subject, object and the group.

We hope that we will be able to meet again during this period - naturally under all the conditions that this special time brings with it. Since dance lives above all from the live encounter, the presence of bodies and atmosphere, we are working on a concept for a workshop in virtual as well as real space. The first two days will take place online: the participants* will get to know Kattrin and Thomas as well as the others and will start to explore clothing, body and dance in different tasks and exercises somatically, in thinking and in movement. The other three days will probably take place on our big stage, the ideas will be further developed, small projects and stories will be created and can be transferred into the choreographic space.

This workshop is limited to the participation of 10 people. 

Depending on the current situation and official decisions you will find new information here.


Price info

100 €