Pre-Festival Workshop: Sensing, Dancing, Performing

with Jess Curtis  

29 May 2020 | Pentecost Jam PotsdamDance and movement

How do our senses inform, support, interrupt, confuse and enable the (inter)actions we call dancing? What is in the space between sensing and doing, or is there any space there? How does doing create sensing? How do we enact our perception(s)? How might we perform our perception?

In this workshop we will work from the most basic building blocks of experience, unpacking sensation, perception, impulse, affect, cognition, reflex, and reaction in order to create more space between them in which to locate our performing skills. Layering synesthetic sensory-motor skill sets we will ground in and surf through twisting topologies of flesh and blood to enact perceptual acrobatics that bring us into new dimensions of world. Is freedom the state of having choices, or a state beyond choosing? We will look at both possibilities, smash them together to see what kind of messy realities we can construct for ourselves. We will work in the sweaty modes of physical performance where weight, breath, momentum, desire and adrenalin intervene in conceptual structures to create pleasure, satisfaction and a rich range of performing experience.

(Intermittent practice-grounded referencing of Bergson, Bourdieu, De Frantz, Deleuze, Derrida, Fanon, Fischer-Lichte, Foster, Haraway, Hartman, Manning, Massumi, Marks, Merlau-Ponty, Spinoza, Stengers, Whitehead and Wilderson at no extra charge for those who are interested.)
The participation is free for people registred at the whole Jam.
The facilities at fabrik Potsdam are ADA accessible. People of diverse physicalities are welcome and encouraged to attend this workshop. If you have questions regarding access or require specific accommodations please feel free to contact either Jess or the organizers.


Price info

Pre-Festival Workshop: free for jam participants / 44 € / Early Bird: 33 €

Contact Jam: 195 € / Early Bird 175 € [incl. Pre-Festival-WS, Jams, classes, full board and accommodation in studio]
Children: 0-4 years free / 5-9 years 45 € / from 10 years 80 €
(when registering, please register the children in the field "Comment" and add the fee accordingly)

The registration starts on Feb 3, 2020
Early Bird valid until April 26, 2020