Sommer-Swingtee Open Air

in fabrik Garden | Talea und Holger  

22 Aug 2021 | SwingteeParty

The Swingtee is taking it outside in a summer format. Led by swing instructors Talea and Holger Niesel to swinging music of yesterday and today!
Beginners and advanced dancers are invited to show off their skills in the fabrik garden.

Please note that the number of participants is limited. The entrance fee is 4 €, payment will be made in cash on place.

- Please provide a valid vaccination, test or convalescence certificate to enable change of dance partners.
- Wooden floor, no dance floor, please bring suitable footwear.
- Contact details must be provided, via Luca app or contact form.
- Mask in closed rooms e.g. in the toilets.


Price info

4 € per person