A unique, immersive and interactive sensory experience.


Gilles Jobin & Artanim (Genf)  

21 – 23 May 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Dance / performance

How does one move as a giant, in a desert or in an oversized garden? What happens when other avatars invite you to dance? A full body equipment with sensors and virtual reality glasses let the participants dive into astonishing worlds. Not only the own appearance is changed, but also the proportions are played with. The dancer and choreographer Gilles Jobin has succeeded in creating a virtual dance project that allows five people to move freely in space at the same time and to see, hear and feel their own bodies as well as those of others. Combining art with technology and virtual reality with choreography, VR_I offers a unique, immersive and interactive sensory experience and explores original territories for contemporary dance. VR_I was presented among others at prestigious film festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival and the International Film Festival Marrakech.


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Current information about the festival will be released on April 06, 2020.



Choreography: Gilles Jobin
Dance: Susana Panadés Díaz, Victoria Chiu, Diya Naidu, Gilles Jobin, Tidiani N'Diaye
Costumes and virtual stage design: Jean-Paul Lespagnard

3D music and sound design: Carla Scaletti / Symbolic Sound
Production management: Camilo de Martino
3D Scans and Motion Capture: Artanim
3D artist: Tristan Siodlak
3D cut: Camilo De Martino
Technical artist: Rémy Maetz
Technical management: Hugo Cahn

Technology on tour: Hugo Cahn, Camilo De Martino
Production: Cie Gilles Jobin Genève - Switzerland
Co-production: Arsenic

With the support of: City of Geneva, Geneva Cantan, Pro Helvetia, Loterie Romande, Fondation Meyrinoise du Casino, Fonds mécénat SIG
Duration: approx. 20 minutes / 5 persons per slot