Großer HavelHop Ball

Postponed to 2021 | Hot Sugar Band (Paris)  

02 May 2020 | HavelHop 2021Party with live music

This event is postponed to May 15, 2021.

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Based in Paris, and featuring some of the finest musicians of the french swing and jazz scene, the band has performed all around the world, including Sweden, Vietnam, Hungary, Lithuania, Canada, Spain, South Korea, China, Italy, Netherlands ... among many others !!
Its unique, highly recognisable sound, at the crossing of John Kirby's sextet, Django Reinhardt big band works, and Count Basie and Duke Ellington's classics, in addition to the band's endless energy on stage, have contributed to make it one of the most-demanded bands in the world of swing, with  300+ shows over the 5 last years, 4,5M streams, and more than 14.000.000 views on youtube.


Price info

Advance booking: 25 €, ViP-Abo 22 €
Box office: 27 €, ViP-Abo 24 €
Party Pass: 42 €

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