We keep on moving...

Our courses in the Studiohaus are taking place again in compliance with the legal precautions! 

We kindly ask you to register in advance (online in the class schedule).


Please note the special regulations in the studio house:

- the maximum number of participants is 8 participants per course and 10 for Yoga, Pilates and Cantienica – please pre-register for your course via the class schedule below 
- 10 tickets and class contracts are valid again
- the registration and payment takes place at the counter in the studio house, there all open questions will be answered
- please bring your own mats for Yoga and Pilates
- Compliance with the minimum distance rule of 1.5 metres between persons indoors and outdoors, including sanitary facilities, and when entering and leaving the house
- Please pay attention to the marked paths when entering and leaving the studios
- between and within the courses a sufficient exchange of fresh air must be provided (ventilation) - therefore the courses are a little shorter than usual
- when entering and leaving the studios and when using sanitary facilities (WC facilities), a suitable mouth and nose cover must be worn, except in the studios during the courses
- Persons with contact to COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days as well as persons with unspecific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms of any severity are excluded from the course.
- for regular hand hygiene there are sufficient washing facilities, liquid soap and disposable towels
- the showers remain closed (unfortunately we cannot guarantee adequate ventilation there)
- the changing rooms can be used in accordance with the minimum distance rules, those who can come to the course already changed helps to avoid a traffic jam in the changing rooms
- the dance lessons are arranged in such a way that the corresponding minimum distance of 1.5 m can be maintained.

Have fun dancing and meeting!

Class Schedule