Yoga in the morning – awake, balanced, invigorated and dynamic start to the day!

Hatha morning yoga +

with Eva-Maria Trusch  

THU 08:30 - 10:00 | Bodyword and fitness

The class is cancelled until 19th of April 2020.

Morning is the perfect time for a refreshing yoga practice with breathing and concentration exercises to activate self-awareness. After the warm-up and joint exercises, flowing sequences and asanas follow each other at their own pace and with changing focus. On a journey of discovery through the body, opportunities and limitations are equally experienced and learned to accept them. In addition to strengthening, stretching and detoxification you experience an optimal flow of energy, which brings you closer to your infinite source. Precise instructions guide through the hour and lead from the outside into the body mindfulness. Sometimes we practice powerful and sometimes gentle, depending on topic, mood, and participants. Always full of devotion and in the respiratory flow, as a moving meditation, which finds its completion in the deep relaxation. The gained energy and zest for life inspire the whole day! Namaste.

+ This course can be supported by your health insurance.


Price info

Fee: 40 € per month, red. 35 € / 10 classes ticket: 134 €, red. 119 € / trial: 5 €
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