The body base is strengthened, the body energy increased.

Self-defense for women*

with Stefan Pawlitke  

FRI 20:35 - 22:05 | Bodyword and fitness

The class is cancelled until 19th of April 2020.

Proven in practice and taught by masters, this lesson is suitable for sporty and less sporty girls and women. In this lesson developed especially for beginners and women, the recognition of dangerous situations and their avoidance is taught on the basis of the legal right to self-defense (self-defense paragraph) as well as on the basis of the generally known social and ethical principles. Easy-to-learn, straightforward self-defense techniques are trained to effectively ward off a variety of attacks, break down inhibitions, and learn how to handle fear.
Part of the lesson is e.g. the unarmed self-defense against attacks without arms and with weapons, as well as the use of everyday objects for self-defense. In addition, the defense is practiced against one or more opponents. The body base is strengthened, the body energy increased.



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* Special rates. Class tickets of fabrik Potsdam cannot be used for these classes.
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