Fini Freidank

I teach... trapeze.

I practice trapeze because... I love the combination of physical challenge and artistic expression.

I pay particular attention to... one's own physical limits are sometimes reached, but are also respected.

This song always gets me moving... Up in the sky from Bombay Street.

As a teacher was particularly formative for me... Karin Lorenz (founder of Circus Montelino).

The best place to make trapeze is for me... the circus tent or a big old tree.

A key moment at the circus was for me... when I moved to another city to study and quickly realized that I was missing something to be happy and so I returned to Potsdam within a few months, where our circus tent is located ;-).

I would like to pass on to my class participants that... you can fly if you only believe in yourself ;-)

I look forward to this every year... to the autumn, when the leaves and our memories are colourful. To winter, when the snow leaves the world and us standing still. To spring, when the first buds tell us about the course of life. To the summer, when life feels so incredibly light in the sunshine.

Fini Freidank is an artist and junior trainer at the Potsdamer kids and youth circus Montelino. "I like to conquer the air together with my trapeze partner, but also like to sneak in other disciplines. My passion is the interplay between circus artistry and theatrical storytelling. I'm studying childhood education at the Evangelische Hochschule zu Berlin."