Lukas Schapp

Lukas Schapp
Lukas Schapp

I teach... ADD - Art du Déplacement

I do ADD because... it allows me to move freely in many different ways and it pushes me to my limits in a holistic way, teaching me to be mindful and loving towards myself, my fellow human beings and my environment.

I pay special attention to... my "gut feeling", which guides me in every moment, gives me orientation and inspires me to look creatively, again and again, at seemingly familiar things. I build my process work and further development on this. 

This song always gets me moving... "Summertime" by the Beatsteaks

Have had a particular impact on me... Ellen Grimmer, Moshé Feldenkrais, Yamakasi

The best place to practice is... a place that fits my current needs. Sometimes a quiet place in nature, sometimes a busy place in the city. ADD is at home anywhere.

A key moment for me was... alone in a public space, looking for impulses to move. In this situation I was confronted with many questions, what do I want, why am I doing this, what do the others think, am I allowed to do this at all. Little by little the questions dissolve and give way to a connectedness of my inner world and the outer world and flows into a fit in the here and now, being just right.

I would like to pass on to my course participants... to stay in touch with themselves, to take good care of themselves even during great exertion. To enjoy and appreciate the small changes in oneself and to grow with joy into new and unknown movement repertoire. Development can happen very gently and needs a personal, protected space without judgement and pressure from the outside.

I look forward to this every year... to the small inconspicuous moments that expand in the aftermath and remain in joyful memories.


Lukas Schapp is a trained sports therapist and now works in groups as an ADD trainer, personally in mindfulness and breath work and as a performance artist.





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