Anja Gilles

Anja Gilles
Anja Gilles

I teach... the Cantienica® method (according to the motto "Body in Evolution").

I do bodywork according to the Cantienica® method because... I want to understand my body and its demands, its blueprint, better and better, and bring body-friendly movement into everyone's daily life.

I pay special attention to... my language. The lightness also in the mood of those around me, the power from the depths. Harmony.

This song always gets me moving... if I had to choose one I would take the first of my itunes Top 25 and that is: Work Song by Bobby Darin.

As a teacher / role model... Einar Schleef has influenced me a lot, because I learned a lot about stage presence and about inner attitude (at the Faust-project in the FB Schauspiel of the HdK). But on my way to bodywork, George Froscher from Munich, Evelyn Dannhäuser's yoga work and of course Benita Cantieni from Zurich were also defining.

The best place to dance for me is.... a dance hall, to practice Cantienica of course a nice room with mirror and pole. Pragmatically...

A key moment for me was... being able to listen in full presence sitting cross-legged on the floor during the performance of the German Requiem (Brahms) in Sasha Waltz's production, which was set up without seating with a moving audience. I was able to listen much better without the comfort of the chair, to hear quase with the body, that made me very happy.

To my course participants I would like to pass on... joy, length, lightness and the competence to deal with pain or difficulties in the musculoskeletal system with confidence.

I look forward to this every year... to the next year.