I teach... Trapeze (aerial acrobatics)

I trapeze because... it is fun for me and brings movement. I especially like the fact that it requires strength as well as balance and coordination. Through the images that are created, you can tell beautiful stories.

I pay special attention to... Safety and exploring and getting to know your own limits.

I was especially influenced by... being immersed in the colorful circus world full of different people, with a lot of craziness, courage, wit and many people out of line.

The best place to practice trapeze is... any place where there is a high beam that is good to hang a trapeze from, and a mat below. That could be in an indoor arena, or in a circus tent, or out in nature.

A key moment for me with the trapeze was... overcoming my fear and flying off with the flying trapeze.

I would like to pass this on to my course participants...

Ronja Buschek is a psychologist (M.Sc.) and independent circus educator. She loves the circus for its variety and creativity and would like to explore connecting elements between mental health and the circus pedagogical work.