Ingrid Schweitzer

I teach... because I want to convey the love of the body and the joy of movement to people.

I dance because... I have always done this and dancing makes me feel alive.

I pay special attention to... an authentic honesty towards my body and my soul that arises from the moment.

The music of Hot Water and Mariama always gets me moving.

As a teacher / role model I have been especially influenced by... Werner Barfod and Rob Barendsma.

I developed my own style when I recognized the differences of my supposedly contrary sports, dance and movement styles as variety and richness.

The best place for me to dance is... the direct contact with nature.

A key moment in eurythmy was for me... When I discovered that I find in nature everything that gives me stimulation, inspiration, strength and peace to develop a movement that arises from the moment and whose intensity lies in its transience. The loss is gain for itself.

I want to pass on to my students... that letting go is the most natural way of moving, and that good is always better than perfect.

I look forward to this every year... The change of seasons.