"It's a lot of fun and you develop self-confidence."

Nora Pfeifer

Nora Pfeifer
Nora Pfeifer

I teach... Capoeira, because I like to be in contact with people and Capoeira is a nice opportunity for that.

I do Capoeira because... it is a lot of fun and you develop trust in yourself.

I pay particular attention to... that everyone feels comfortable and can try themselves out.

This song always gets me moving: "Capoeira vem" by Contramestre Alf

As a teacher, I was particularly influenced by... learning the Portuguese language in order to understand the songs of Capoeira and the people of Brazil!

The best place to do Capoeira.... is for me a beautiful meadow or the beach!

A key moment at Capoeira... was for me my trip to Brazil, where Capoeira has a completely different meaning.

I would like to pass on to my course participants that... we only make progress together.

I look forward to this every year: The Batizado (German: baptism) where you get your first cord.

Nora Pfeifer has been training Capoeira for about four years and gives trainings and workshops for children between 6 and 12 years. Especially a trip to Brazil and a visit to many Capoeira events across Europe, let her fascination and desire for this game spark again and again. Nora's training therefore not only covers the movements, but also the cultural and musical aspects of Capoeira.